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Living a More Healthy Lifestyle

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As some of you may or may not know, Ashley took a trip back to Los Angeles in the fall to visit some of her girlfriends for Halloween. She didn’t feel like she was living healthy enough to hang with the girls- so team member Megan stepped in and helped whip her into shape!


This time, team member Megan Cappa is giving Quincy the same tips and tricks she gave Ashley- and then putting him to the test to help him live a more healthy lifestyle!


Quincy does go to the gym some, and he tries to lead a fairly healthy lifestyle. But his cruise ship “workations” throw a monkey wrench in his healthy lifestyle plans!


With Ashley, Megan said she was determined to see changes in the 30 days she had before her trip. She worked out with Megan five to six times a week, and also worked out and ate healthy outside of her time alongside Megan. The results were very visible!


Megan told Quincy to always start with a stretch and some kind of warmup. Next, she shows him a quick core workout that he can do in his room aboard the cruise ships.


After a few more workout moves, she gives him some lifestyle tips to keep on moving!!

For all of Megan’s healthy tips, watch the full video- and you might even get to see Quincy fall mid-workout!


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