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Living 757 Plays a Car Care Maintenance Game!

Sponsored by AAA Tidewater

The holiday season always means more cars on the road. Whether you’re driving to buy presents, you’re traveling to holiday parties, or you’re on a road trip to visit family- more cars on the road means more accidents!

Car Care

But the question of the hour is: how many of the accidents could have been avoided with regular car care and maintenance?


Quincy puts the ladies of Living 757 to the test about their car knowledge, and let’s just say the ladies are more hilarious than they are well-versed in automobile maintenance!

Car Care

Watch the full video to see what the girls knew, and didn’t know.


AAA Tidewater Virginia was founded in 1913 by a group of individuals to advocate for more and better roads and improved safety.


Today, AAA is best known for providing emergency roadside assistance nationwide. In 2003, we opened our first full-service automotive repair AAA Car Care Center.

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