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Brush Your Newborn’s Teeth! Wait….What?

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Things get off to a crazy start on this episode when Quincy eats his spa treatments.  And speaking of eating, what if newborns were born with a full set of choppers big enough to debone a rib?  Yikes!

With eating still on our minds, Chastity from Emblem Olive Oil joins the crew to share with us how olive oil is not only delicious, but a nutritious addition to any healthy diet.   Loaded with antioxidants, and other phytonutrients, olive oil can help with a myriad of ailments from heart issues to depression. She also shares some of the obstacles she has had to overcome as an African American business owner.

Now while you shouldn’t dine on their products, Jimmy & Mary create wonderful, vegan body care treatments that look, feel and smell good enough to eat.  They share some of their products with Ashley and Patricia, who get to test them out.

riverside health systems

We visit Riverside Health System and hear about their incredible care from a breast cancer survivor.  Then we learn about the importance of mammograms for early detection of cancer.  If you have dense breast tissue, their new 3-D mammograms are more accurate than ever and can help provide a more thorough screening.

Now, back to food!  Feeling hungry? Looking for something to fill every inch of your belly?  Look no further!  Whether it’s a burger with bacon ground into the mix, or a deep fried chicken thigh with an amazing sauce, Team Fat Kid has got you covered! …or should we say stuffed!

Our editor extraordinaire Nick, joins the crew to debate the possibility of the “Mandela Affect.”  Is it the Berenstein Bears of the Berenstain Bears? JIF or Jiffy?  How do you remember it?  Could YOU be from a different universe?

So now that you’ve eaten, taken care of your skin, been screened for cancer and debated the truths of the universe, it’s time to sit back, relax and listen to the soulful stylings of Chris Keys.

Enjoy the show!