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Cassandra Schaeg – Cheers to a Fresh Glass!

Cassandra Schaeg is an entrepreneur who is putting her passion for storytelling and the bipoc wine & food industry into her series, Fresh Glass, that will introduce you to different wines and beers, and also share the stories of the people who have created them. You’ll be able to choose exactly the bottle you want, and support diverse producers at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Cassandra Schaeg, Founder of Sip Wine & Beer, Co-Creator, prodder, host Fresh Glass – (1:22) SIP Wine and Beer is a wine and beer tasting room here in Escondido. Started it in 2015. I wanted to start a business and I wanted to create a space where we could talk about wine. And so when you come here, you get to veer off the beaten path and try brands that you do not get anywhere else.

These are brands that have creative quality wine beers, and they don’t get the opportunities to be on the main stage with the other big box retailers. So they rely on small businesses like myself to share their stories and to get their names out there for people to support.  Fast forward seven years, I’ve been able to be sustainable in doing that and that is now evolved to Fresh Glass.

CS – (2:26) We created this docu-series to tell the stories of women and bipoc innovators in food, beverage and entrepreneurship that aren’t visible in both our society or in mainstream media. And the goal was to create a story of people who could see themselves in places or in entrepreneurship or in spaces that generally don’t have people who look like me or women,  and so food, beverage and entrepreneurship is this umbrella of fields that are underrepresented when it comes to both women and people of color.

Denis Clarke, Co-Owner & Winemaker, Altipiano Winery & Vineyard – (3:08) I think what Cassandra’s series indicate is shows you that people from all walks of life, and especially people that look like myself, they’re doing amazing things. And those stories should be shared because I think it broadens everybody’s understanding and we’re more alike than not.

CS – (3:36) I see industry and wine and beer or food and beverage in general accounts for less than a percent when it comes to women, and then it’s not even a percent when it comes to people of color. It was the first time that their story was told on a national scale, and you have hometown heroes who have made a name for themselves. But those heroes are deserving and worthy of the attention on a bigger scale, and so that’s what we set out to do. And from the first woman Native American winemaker in the country to the first Creole woman to own a winery in the United States and everything in between. Those are the stories that people need to see. Those are the stories that people need to hear.

CS (4:40) And the biggest challenge is getting people to buy into that. You know, creating a television show, it was is one of the most the hardest things that I’ve done, but the most rewarding. And just like being an entrepreneur, you have to put your money where your mouth is. You have to create this concept. You have to invest in yourself. You have to put your own money up front. And you have to create this vision that you hope comes to life on telhttps://watch.yurview.com/fresh-glassevision so people understand the story and it resonates with them.

Watch the Fresh Glass series on YurView and check your local listings, or watch it on our Vimeo Channel.