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Let Closet Factory Relieve Your Holiday Stress!

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Nancy Crews moved into the 757 due to an assignment from us US Navy. She is married with four children, and their two youngest still reside in the home with the couple. Nancy needs help from our friends at Closet Factory!


Alyson Strickland is a designer with Closet Factory, and Nancy called her for help!

Closet Factory

Nancy called Alyson for help with a mudroom space in her home. The space was very narrow and not functional for what her family needed!


Nancy is the lone female in her house full of boys, and having very functional and organized spaces helps her stay sane.


Alyson came up with a plan to add cabinet space, shelving, and even a utility closet type space with doors to hide brooms and mops!


Watch the full video to see the amazing transformation from hallway to work-of-art mudroom. One of Nancy’s favorite things about the transformation is that it is seamless! The mudroom looks like it was always in the house.

Closet Factory

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