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Landscape Designer Talks Native Plants, Wildlife and More!

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This post is sponsored by Virginia 811

Quincy is having a hard time with his lawn randomly dying! Thankfully for him, Landscape Designer Trista Imrich visited Living 757 to talk all about her job, and to give the hosts some tips about their yards, thanks to support from Virginia 811!


As a landscape designer, she helps homeowners to best utilize their landscape. She meets with clients and finds out how they want to utilize their space, and then she designs the perfect functional space for each individual client.


The difference between a landscape designer and a landscaper is fairly simple: someone coming out to maintain your yard is a landscaper, and someone who’s been certified and takes the time to design the space is a landscape designer.


Trista really focuses her work on using native plants to create natural habitats for wildlife! That’s in additional to making the space functional for the homeowner’s preferred uses.


Be sure to watch the full video to see Trista give Quincy some tips for his yard!


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