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Labor and Delivery Nurse Meighan is Our Hometown Hero!

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The team at Living 757 is really proud of everything that we produce for the show, but we especially love this segment. This is the one where we honor hometown heroes! The every day people who do the hard jobs, and change or save lives on a daily basis.


This hometown hero segment, brought to you by Bud’s Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric is a labor and delivery nurse, and she is so special to Ashley! Her name is Meighan Harris, and she was holding Ashley’s hand when she had her son Adrian.

labor and delivery

Meighan has been an L&D nurse for almost ten years now! She knew she wanted to work with women and babies from the very start of her career in medicine, and she was meant to be right where she is.


She says that the most rewarding part of her job is being there for a woman who is so vulnerable. Meighan says that sometimes a woman will have a lot of family around, and other times a woman giving birth will have zero support with her. In that case, the labor and delivery nurses become almost like family to that person. In Meighan’s case, this is 100% true!

labor and delivery

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labor and delivery

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