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Keep Your Trick or Treaters Safe This Halloween!

Sponsored by Huffman & Huffman

October is Pedestrian Safety Month, and of course, it is also Halloween! That is fitting, because pedestrian safety is of utmost importance when it comes to children walking the streets to trick-or-treat.


Our friend and attorney Nick Woodhouse from Huffman & Huffman stopped by Living 757 to help educate us more on why pedestrian safety on Halloween is so important. 


Nick emphasized some tips for parents and kids on Halloween:

  • that it is important to use both sidewalks and crosswalks, when they are available
  • Bring lights or glow sticks (some candy buckets even light up!)
  • Reflective tape or vests


Pedestrian accidents on Halloween are up 43% from other nights of the year, according to a 40-year study by the American Medical Association. 

If you are driving on Halloween, it is really important that you SLOW DOWN and drive carefully! The chance of a child running into the road is way higher on Halloween, and as a driver it’s your responsibility to keep the kids safe.


For More Information:

Visit Huffman & Huffman’s Website: https://www.huffmanhuffman.com/ 

Find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HuffmanandHu…

Happy Halloween!

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