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Foster Care is an essential Social Service designed to protect our most vulnerable children. Joy Rios is the Executive Director of Connect With A Wish, and she has made taking care of foster kids her life mission!

Connect With A Wish

Connect With A Wish

Connect With A Wish is in its ninth year as a charitable organization, and their purpose is to connect kids in foster care with wishes. 

The charity relies on local partnerships with amazing organizations like the Camaro Club to keep the magic going. 

Seven Cities Camaro Club

Terry Bowers is the President of the Seven Cities Camaro Club. They and Connect With a Wish have a big event coming up October 1st at Chesapeake City Park. It’s a charity car show, where the proceeds go directly to Connect With A Wish. 

They will have tons of cars, vendors, food trucks and MORE! 

Connect With A Wish

Terry went into foster care at the age of 10, so she is intimately knowledgable about the charity. 

Find more information about the event at www.cars4awareness.org

Connect With A Wish

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