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Significant Progress on Family Home After Fire

Sponsored by Jenkins Restorations

A house fire is one of the most devastating and heart breaking events that a person or family can endure. Several months ago, Ashley got the chance to visit a house that had suffered a fire. Our friends from Jenkins Restorations showed her around, and gave her a rundown of what fire restoration entails.

Jenkins Restorations

This time, Jenkins has made huge strides toward getting the house back into livable shape, and Ashley came back to take a look around at the progress.

house fire

Since the last visit, Jenkins Restorations has gutted the house, and removed all of the finishes that can’t be saved. Then they even added a bunch of new framing to the home. Steve from Jenkins says that the family decided to make some changes and upgrade certain parts of the home!

Jenkins Restorations

The professionals at Jenkins Restorations are just about to the point where they can start getting trades in to do their work. This means that plumbing, electricity, gas, etc will all be installed soon!

house fire
Although the process takes longer now than it did prior to the pandemic, the homeowners do have the comfort of seeing the same friendly faces throughout the rebuild.


Watch the full video to see Brian from Jenkins Restorations give Ashley a tour of the home, and see all of the before and after progress!

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