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Is Bald the New Black? Find Out Here!


Quincy, Patricia and Ashley are getting ready for fall, and chat about football, Halloween and everything in between.  You never know what is going to come up or,  go missing like….their hair!

From their backyards, Ashley, Quincy and Patricia chat with Brittani Coley to learn all about her organization, The Backyard.  This Newport News venue is the perfect place to hold your next outdoor event.

We love our pets and want to keep them safe.  But other than building  (and maintaining -ugh!) a fence, how can we keep our fur-babies from running into the street or getting lost when they are outside? Patricia and Ashley join Harry Bigley, the owner of Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads to get some solutions.

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful weather -we area right in the middle of hurricane season!  Unlike earthquakes, we do get advanced notice when a hurricane is coming our way, so we be ready.  Ed Porner, from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management stops by to tell us how to prepare for the big event.  What should we have in our “hurricane kit?” Who should we keep informed of our plans?  Watch and learn!

September is Prostate Cancer awareness month, so we went to Riverside Health Systems to find out what we can do to screen for and to treat this type of cancer.  Dr Timothy Powell, a urologist at Riverside Health System was kind enough to share some vital information with us.

We love our celebs -especially the home-grown ones! Local TV star, Bradley Nnadi (yes, Derrik Nnadi’s brother-what a family!) chats with Ashley and Quincy about his path to acting.  Then the crew welcomes funny man Brad McMurran from Push Comedy Theater to hear about his upcoming event.  After that, Bradd, Bradley and the crew get together for some fun!

Finally, if you’ve never heard of “alternative metal” get ready to rock to Delusional by Magg Dylan.

Enjoy the Show!