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It’s Native American Heritage Month!

Whether they are celebrating Native American Heritage Month or swimming with snakes, the crew is always having fun! On this episode we cover history, science, weird news and get up close and personal with Covid.

Looking for some fun, but don’t want to go too far?  Yelp comes to the rescue with their adventure challenge.  This week we give a shout out to participants at Gelati Celesti.  They will give your tastebuds a delicious adventure you won’t soon forget! Did someone say Pumpkin Gingersnap?

Our crew at Living 757 cares deeply about our community, and we love sharing stories about people making a difference.  Check out how NAMIC -VA is helping spread awareness of Movember and prostate cancer.

November is also Native American Heritage month.  John Silver of the Nansemond Indian Nation, is welcomed to the show to share information about Mattanock Town, a living museum under construction.  This project, centered around an authentic Algonquian dispersed village, will provide an experiential view of the Nasemond culture.

We continue our exploration of Native American cultures with Karen and Barry of Destination Virginia.  They took a pre-covid trip to Jamestown Settlement and visited a recreation of Paspahegh Town, a Powhatan village, to learn about the cultures and customs of the Paspahegh people.

Next, we liven things up a bit with Some Guy Named Allen.  He joins the crew to tell how the Virginia Gentlemen Foundation is helping out the community.  With events like the JT Walk, which helps raise money for ALS, and their incredible Camp Grom, the first handicapped accessible park in the nation, the Virginia Gentlemen are stepping up and setting an amazing example of love and community.

Now let’s jump forward into the future and see how babies are the new superheroes!  Did you know that something typically discarded at birth can potentially save you and your family in the future? With help from Telomerix Stem Cell Biobank, you can preserve the stem cells found in your baby’s umbilical cord blood and use them in the future to possibly save your, or one of your family members’ life!

And as always, we leave you with some lively tunes.  Check out the musical grooves of Jason Cale.

Enjoy the Show!

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