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Hometown Heros Highlight Warrior Moms Initiative

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Bud’s Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric  brings us another segment of Hometown Heroes, this time highlighting the Warrior Moms Initiative project.

Living with cancer is hard enough to deal with a cancer diagnosis, but even so much harder when that diagnosis is given to your child.  This life changing diagnosis can brings shock, fear and grief, and can often lead to feelings of isolation.

Ivonne and Shaina created this initiative to support moms (and dads too) who have received a cancer diagnosis for one of their children.  Programs such as Mothers’ Day baskets, parent survival kits, and moms’ mixers help mothers get some emotional support and even sometimes a little break from all of the efforts that come along with caring for a child fighting cancer.

If you would like to help or perhaps get help with this project, you can get more information from ouramazingfighters.org

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