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If You’re a Biker, You Need to Know Law Tigers

Sponsored By: Law Tigers

There’s nothing like the feeling of cruising down the road with the wind in your hair and your worries behind you.

But no matter how experienced of a rider you are, it is always good to be prepared.

Of course we all practice “Safety First”, but sometimes uncontrollable events, also known as accidents, happen.

If you love the excitement of riding , then you should know who Law Tigers are.

This group of motorcycle riding lawyers knows first hand what it is like to be a biker are ready to help you with expert advice should you need them.

And because they are all bikers themselves, they will absolutely understand your situation, and truly know how best to proceed.

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But law is not all they practice.  Huge believers of charity, Law Tigers sponsor countless events to raise money for people in need in the community.

The USO and the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia are just some of the groups who have benefitted from their service.

Their monthly Bike Night at Norfolk Waterside is the third Thursday of each month.

People from all walks of life show up and with all makes and models of motorcycles to ride and meet other like-minded people.

But let’s not forget their Stylin in Sturgis contest. With a grand prize worth $85,000 which includes of a custom Harley Davidson Road Bike, run don’t walk to sign up!

Now back to the law! Were you involved in an accident? Not sure if you need a lawyer? Make sure to give Law Tigers a call.

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