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I Am Public Health

Sponsored by the Virginia Department of Health


Jeff Stover is the chief of staff for the Virginia Department of Health, and he has been working with the department for about 24 years.  He says they started the “I Am Public Health” campaign to spread awareness about what the department really does. 


The VDH, Day-To-Day

On a usual basis, the Virginia Department of Health works in silence- preventing problems before they arise! The Covid 19 pandemic changed that, and the department was at the forefront of the battle against the airborne illness. 

public health

Public health is a team sport, where their goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment for our citizens and for anyone visiting Virginia!

Covid 19

The pandemic shifted the VDH’s focus to the virus, and mobilizing quickly for both testing and vaccination. 

public health

The People at VDH

Now, the Virginia Department of Health is getting back to normal! The employees feel like working for the department is more of a calling than a job. They really love feeling like they are making a difference! 

The people who make up the VDH are really in the trenches so to speak, when it comes to public health. They are out in the community and in people’s homes making sure the public stays healthy and informed! 

I am public health

“I Am Public Health”

For the “I Am Public Health” campaign, the VDH had the pleasure of having actor Blair Underwood represent the campaign. 

For anyone looking to make a difference in their community, the Virginia Department of Health wants everyone to know that a career with them is one of the most rewarding ones out there. They get to help people every single day they go to work! 

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