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Sponsored By: JenCare Senior Medical Center

After chatting with Dr. Nikitha Paluri, we were able to get learn a bit more about JenCare and what they do.

What does JenCare Medical Senior Center do?

We provide primary health care to seniors.

What sets JenCare Medical Senior Center apart from other senior centers?

We honor seniors with affordable, VIP care that delivers better health.

Where are you located?

We have five locations in the greater Tidewater area.

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What’s the most important thing you do?

The most important thing we do is educate. When you’re dealing with variety of medical problems it is important to educate. A lot of patients do not have that advantage. So the most important thing we have to offer is knowledge, and we try to take every opportunity we have to share that knowledge with our patients.


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What is your passion?

We strive to keep our patients happy, healthy, and safe. Our whole professional identity revolves around patient’s health and happiness and we make it our top priority to ensure that we are providing them care to achieve that.

What’s your primary goal when attracting new business?

Building rapport. It is important to heal and educate, but those may seem obvious given the nature of our profession. But our primary goal with new patients is just to get to know them. Know their fav color, or what their pet’s name is.

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