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Help for Virtual and In-Person Learners

Sponsored By: Sylvan Learning of Chesapeake and Suffolk

After a year of virtual learning, kids all over the country are excited about heading back to school.  Kim Teixeira, Owner of Sylvan Learning Centers in Chesapeake and Suffolk, joined our crew to discuss how to help our kids prepare fro the transition back to in-person learning.

While some kids have excelled at online learning, for many others it has been a struggle filled with frustration and stress. 

In fact, a new trend termed “the Covid learning loss” shows how many children have lost some of the information skills that they have needed to build on (similar to what happens during the long summer break) in order to be successful in the upcoming standardized tests.

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Sylvan Learning Centers is a prescriptive learning program which partners with parents in order to identify and help strengthen students’ weaknesses. This helps relieve anxiety, build confidence which aids greatly, especially during the upcoming  SOL tests.

If your children are not going back virtually, they can still benefit greatly from working with Sylvan to assess their progress, any issues or difficult areas they may have, and help strengthen any weak areas.

So, if you are concerned about how to help your child be more successful in school, relieve anxiety, or you just want to make sure they are on the right track, make sure to give Kim at Sylvan Learning Centers of Chesapeake and Suffolk a call at (757) 447-3690.

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