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Have Beautiful Grass All Year Long with Virginia Green

Sponsored Virginia Green

Everyone knows that taking care of your grass in the Spring and Summer is integral to it being beautiful and green. What most people don’t know, is that taking care of your lawn in the Fall is equally as important. 

Virginia Green

Ashley got the chance to visit with Virginia Green’s Williamsburg Branch Manager John Moss to learn more about Fall lawn care! 

He said that in the fall, Virginia Green starts the aeration and seeding process for the Fescue lawns. This helps to re-establish the lawn. The Summer here in Hampton Roads is so hot that for a cool season grass, it needs to be coddled a bit to thrive. 


Virginia Green uses a weed free seed that allows your lawn to be happy and healthy, year round! 

John educates Ashley about why aeration is such an important process when it comes to having a beautiful green lawn! 

Virginia Green

Virginia Green knows the environment and the grass here in Virginia intimately, so they know exactly how to take care of your lawn! Be sure you call them for your lawn care needs. 

John Moss

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