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Habitat for Humanity Builds Community

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Frank Hruska is the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, South Hampton Roads. He is a veteran who wasn’t quite done serving the community when he got out of the service!


One of the biggest issues today both nationally and in Hampton Roads, is affordable housing. People who are hard working citizens are paying around 50% of their income in rent or mortgage payments. This cuts down their ability to afford healthier food, better health insurance, better schools for their kids, and more.


Habitat for Humanity South Hampton Roads

Habitat for Humanity is helping to alleviate this problem, one home at a time for families who need assistance.


Frank says they design homes to match the neighborhood they are going to be built in. They would rather that their homes don’t stick out, so that the families become part of the neighborhood and part of the community.

Women Build Week

Women Build Week is two weeks in the beginning of May, where women can come out and help build Habitat for Humanity homes! The job site will be all women, with the exception of men on site for safety and training purposes.


Frank then teaches Patricia how to build a wall!!

Be sure to watch the full video to see if you’d trust Patricia to help build your house or not! And if you’d like to volunteer, send Frank an email to info@shrhabitat.org and he will get you set up!


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