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Get Flawless Skin at the Salt Spa

Sponsored by The Salt Spa & Wellness Center

Let’s face it, everyone is self conscious about something when it comes to their skin. Lucky for all of us, there happens to be a magical peel that you can get at The Salt Spa and Wellness Center!


Jade Diggs is The Salt Spa’s Master Esthetician, and she paid Living 757 a visit to tell us more about this unicorn of the peel family.


It’s called a VI Peel with precision plus. Jade says that it’s a great peel for any of her acne clients, anyone who is concerned with Melasma, it’s great for hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and more!


She says that typically she recommends a series of three peels, but that clients will start seeing results after the first one!


A VI Peel differs from a base-level, because it addresses deeper skin issues and penetrates deeper into the skin.


Another reason this is a step above the rest? It includes a numbing agent, so you don’t get the painful tingling sensation that you may get with other peels.

Watch the full video to see Jade demonstrate the VI Peel right in our studio!


For more information about The Salt Spa and Wellness Center, visit their website: https://vbsaltspa.com/

You can also connect with them on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Salt.Spa.and.Wellness/

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