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We can’t get enough of our furry friends here at Living 757, and we have developed  a deep love for our friends (both furry and not!) at Frog Dog K9. We have seen both Ashley and Patricia brave the bite suit and feel the force of Storm, but that’s not all that Frog Dog K9 has to offer! 


The Therapy Center

Ashley got the chance to visit the Frog Dog K9 Therapy Center, and it did not disappoint. 

Dale McClellan

Even though the dogs are a huge part of what Frog Dog does, there is a lot more going on at the therapy center than just the pups! 

Therapy Center

The Mission

The mission at Frog Dog K9’s therapy center is to provide a place for veterans to go and unwind, decompress, and find the brotherhood that they may have been missing in their lives. 

Therapy Center

From shooting guns and flame throwers, to zip lining and repelling, to everything that they do with the amazing dogs- there is so much more to Frog Dog than what meets the eye! 

flame thrower

Their “Why”

When President Dale McClellan was introduced to his dog Storm, it had a profound impact on him. So much so, that he wanted to provide the same experience for other veterans who could use some QT with K9’s. 

Dale McClellan

And Dale and team have huge plans for the compound- they want to build a therapy center where vets can come and stay on the property, participate in activities, and do things that are also good for mental health like meditation and massages. 

Therapy Center

Watch the full video for all of the fantastic plans that Dale has for Frog Dog K9, and of course to see their magnificent dogs do their thing!!!


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