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French Apple Cake

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Everybody get excited!! Our friend Karen from Cooking From the Heart is joining us for the next stop in her world tour- France! She is making a French apple cake that is sure to make you hungry.

Start by pre-heating your oven to 350 degrees. 

french apple cake

First, she starts with some apples. She’s got 4 red gala apples, and says you should end up with three and a half to four cups of apples that are peeled and cubed in half inch to one inch chunks! 

french apple cake

Next up is the batter! Add one stick of room temperature butter to a bowl and blend until smooth. Next, add 2/3 of a cup of sugar. Blend the sugar and butter until they’re nicely incorporated. Add two eggs next, which Karen likes to crack in a separate bowl first just in case any shell sneaks in! Add the eggs one at a time, and give a quick blend after each one. 


Then, add a cup of flour. When you measure the flour, spoon it into the measuring cup to keep it light and fluffy! Add a teaspoon of baking powder to the flour, and finally also a quarter teaspoon of salt to the flour. Whisk all 3 dry ingredients together to ensure you don’t have any big pockets of baking powder or salt! 


 Add one teaspoon of vanilla paste to the wet ingredients. Vanilla extract is also a fine option instead of the paste! Blend it in and then scrape it all down the sides of the bowl. 

Last but not least for the wet ingredients, add 3 tablespoons of a nice dark rum! Then blend that in. 

Add your bowl of dry ingredients and be sure to start your mixer on low so you don’t have a big flour-y mess! 

french apple cake

Finally, add the apples and blend together. 

Use a 9-inch cake pan- and spray with baking spray, and then put parchment paper in the bottom and spray that too! This ensures that the cake pops out beautifully. Pour your mix in, and bake for 40 minutes. 

You can eat the cake as-is, or you can add some powdered sugar like Karen did. Bon appétit!

french apple cake

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bon appetit

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