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Find the Shakes with Pure Barre

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Quincy is looking for a new challenge when it comes to his workouts, so we invited Mandy Forsythe from Pure Barre to the show to introduce him to this type of workout! 

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is low impact, but high intensity. That means that it will elevate your heart rate, without being too hard on the joints!

the warm up

Mandy took hundreds of Pure Barre classes before the pandemic caused her to move back home to Hampton Roads, where she joined the team at Pure Barre Chesapeake! 

Pure Barre

Quincy is sadly mistaken when he comments that he thinks Pure Barre is “easy”. 

Mandy explains that each class starts with a warmup to get you going and loosened up. She guides Q through the warmup as he exhibits not-so perfect ballet form. 


Then it’s time to work out! Mandy guides Quincy through the arm portion of the workout first. She explains that at Pure Barre, they aim to find “the shakes”- which is your muscles fatiguing! 

Pure Barre

Then, it’s time to head to the barre. Quincy finds the shakes in his leg quickly, doing small leg pulses! Even a couple minutes of the Pure Barre workout had Quincy sore and tired. 

Pure Barre

If you want more information about Pure Barre, visit their website at www.purebarre.com.

You can also follow them on social media at:



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