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Every Bite is Like A Vacation at Skrimp Shack!

Sponsored by Skrimp Shack

Our guest host Karen loves food, but even Karen doesn’t want to cook sometimes when she’s had a long day at work! Many people feel this way- that dinner should be leisurely and relaxing, especially when you have already had a long day. Lucky for us, our friends at Skrimp Shack make every meal feel like eating when you’re on vacation!

skrimp shack

Jawon Trent is the Corporate Chef for Skrimp Shack, and he joined Karen in studio to chef up some deliciousness, and tell us more about their establishments.


Chef Jawon is making the studio smell like heaven with grilled shrimp tacos, grilled catfish tacos, and blackened shrimp! There are special seasonings on all of their seafood, that are top secret just for Skrimp Shack and their employees to know.


The Skrimp Shack is also the home of the “Fattest Fish Sandwich,” which boasts enough fish that most people need two meals to finish it!

skrimp shack

On top of their fried and blackened choices, they also have grilled options. There really is something for everyone at Skrimp Shack!


Watch the rest of the video for more on their delectable treats, and be sure to take your family out to Skrimp Shack so you all can eat like you’re on vacation!


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