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Eat Like You’re on Vacation at Skrimp Shack

Sponsored by Skrimp Shack


As many of you know, food holds a very special place in our hearts at Living 757. And let’s be honest- the Hampton Roads area is well known for its’ amazing seafood!


What do you get when you cross the best seafood with an area full of really busy, hard-working people? We call it Skrimp Shack!


For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of visiting a Skrimp Shack before, they say that they like anyone who visits to feel like they’re getting a little piece of a beach vacation. This birthed their tagline, “eat like you’re on vacation.”

Skrimp Shack

Curious inquirers wanted to know: how did they decide on a name?! It’s pretty simple, “skrimp” is a better tasting shrimp!

Ashley couldn’t wait any longer and got straight to the point- we want to know about the food! Skrimp Shack is known for having the fattest AND best fish sandwich in town.

Skrimp Shack

They make all the food at Skrimp Shack fresh, meaning that nothing sits under a heat lamp. So you know when you indulge in a meal at Skrimp Shack, you are going to get the best and most fresh seafood you can imagine.


Skrimp Shack has 25 locations throughout Virginia and North Carolina, and to find where all of them are you can visit their website at: https://skrimpshack.com/.

You can also connect with them on their Facebook page:


And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/skrimpshack

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