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Early Detection is Key with Endometrial Cancer

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Cancer does not pick and choose who it effects. Sometimes people with absolutely no family history receive a cancer diagnosis. 

Julie Dehart

Meet Julie

Julie Dehart is one of those people. She started to notice some vaginal spotting in August of 2020 and didn’t think too much of it. Then she started bleeding, and decided to call her doctor. 

Riverside Oncologist

The Diagnosis

Her doctor subsequently ordered a vaginal ultrasound to be done, during which they noticed something that shouldn’t be there. The ultrasound led to a biopsy which took place on March 5th, and by March 16th she received a call from her doctor saying she had Endometrial Cancer. 

endometrial cancer

Dr. William Irvin

William Irvin, MD is a GYN Oncologist at Riverside. He says that Endometrial Cancer is a common cancer here in the United States. In fact, roughly 67,000 women were diagnosed with this kind of cancer last year alone. Out of those 67,000 around 12,500 women passed away. 

endometrial cancer

The “good news”, is that 90-95% of women with Endometrial Cancer present with some kind of bleeding irregularity at its’ onset. So if women get checked out early on, there is a way bigger chance of catching the cancer early!

The Process

Mrs. Dehart went to see her primary-care physician with the complaint of 5 months of post-menopausal spotting. Her PCP sent her to an OBGYN at Riverside Regional Medical Center, who knew this to be a sign of cancer. 

robotic hysterectomy

She ended up being diagnosed with Stage 1 Endometrial Cancer. Her Riverside OB referred her to Dr. Irving, who was off the bat very comforting to Mrs. Dehart. At his suggestion, Mrs. Dehart went forward with a complete hysterectomy. 

A Robotic Hysterectomy

They opted for the robotic hysterectomy, due to smaller incisions and faster recovery time.
endometrial cancer

If you or anyone you know has concerns about your health- make sure you find a physician at Riverside Health System to help keep you healthy!

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