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Don’t Go In Blind, Contact Virginia 811!

Sponsored by Virginia 811

A lot of the time, people don’t realize that you need to contact Virginia 811 before you do ANY digging in your yard! Going in blind when digging is a HUGE no no!


That includes shallow digging like planting flowers or trees, all the way to using an excavator to dig space for a pool. 

know before you dig

Virginia 811 is a free service! They come out and mark all of your utilities, so you don’t go in blind- and cut one of the major lines to your house. 

what's beneath

Ashley and Quincy decided to take turns being blindfolded and dig in a bin of surprises- all to demonstrate why it’s never good to “dig blind!”

virginia 811

Watch the full segment to see what goodies they pulled out of the dirt!

know before you dig

For More Information and how to not go in blind and contact Virginia 811 before you dig:



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