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Don’t Flush That!

Sponsored by: Bud's Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric

How to get a seemingly endless supply of hot water and what NOT to flush down your toilets are just some of the things we learn when the crew chats with Brandon Gamble, from Bud’s Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric. We also get the full scoop on their company, its history, and their commitment to their customers:

What does your business/organization do? 

We provide full service, maintenance, repair, and installation of residential HVAC, plumbing and electric systems.

What sets your company/organization apart from others?
Our commitment to our customers and exceptional customer service is what sets us apart.

Where are you located?
We have two offices, one in Yorktown and one in Chesapeake. But we have technicians, plumbers and electricians everywhere and they can dispatch right from their homes.

What’s your primary goal when attracting new business?                          Relationship. It’s important to us to build a rapport with our customers. We don’t want to just install and walk away. We want to be their company for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC needs.

Can you share a brief history of your company/organization with us?
We started 50 years ago as a much smaller company and as time and technology changed, we have grown as well and added to our services like plumbing and electric. Now we offer pretty much everything for the home and area one stop shop.

What is your slogan and why is it your slogan? 

Our slogan is: Legendary Service since 1969.   Our service record is important to us. The fact that we’ve been around and successful since 1969 instills a sense of pride in us and is a comfort to our customers that we aren’t going anywhere and we must be doing something right.

How did you get into this business?
Our business is a family affair. Grandad started Bud’s Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, son in law took it over and now his son is our service manager.

What drives you to succeed?
Being the best is what drives us to succeed.

What’s the most important thing you do?
Taking care of our customers is absolutely the most important thing we do.

What do you love most about what you do?
The awesome customer response we get back.

What is your inspiration for continuing every day?
What we do really does make our customers happy and make their lives better.

We leave with question to all the parents out there:

What’s the strangest thing you’ve found in your toilet?

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