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Understanding Alopecia on Living 757

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When the immune system attacks hair folicles causing hair loss, this is called Alopecia.  In the United Stated, over 200,000 people are affected by this ailment every year.

When her son, Christian, was diagnosed with Alopecia, Jasmine knew she not only had to be supportive, but do everything possible to help him medically and emotionally.

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Doctors visits and lots of research became a regular part of their lives and they struggled with this diagnosis.  But Jasmine wanted to do more to support her son and so many others battling with this disease.

So, in order to show her son how much she loved and stood with him, and also, to help shed more light on Alopecia, Jasmine Alysha decided to shave her head in solidarity. Needless to say, her young son was overwhelmed by this gesture of love.

Should you notice irregular hair loss, make sure to contact your dermatologist and get checked out as soon as possible. Whether your case is temporary or permanent, please know that you are not alone.   If you or a loved one have any questions or need support when dealing with a diagnosis of alopecia, you can check out the National Alopecia Areata Foundation at their website: www.naaf.org.

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