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Chair One Fitness

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Guest host Alexis Perkins is a lot more than just a television show host! She also founded and creative director a company called Chair One Fitness. 

Alexis Perkins

Let’s Get Moving!

On this episode of Living 757, Alexis and Patricia both change into their workout gear- and Alexis shows us some ways to work out from home OR from the office! 

Get Moving

For Beginners:

For starters, anyone who is reading through emails, watching instructional videos, etc- can just stand up and march in place!  Next if you’d like, add in the arms! Raising your arms above your head will elevate your heart rate even more. 

Chair One

Keep It Going!

If you want a little bit more difficulty, start doing knee-ups while raising your arms above your head! 

Chair One

Alexis continues to show Patricia new moves to do from the comfort of your office or home. Watch the whole video to learn more! 

Chair One Fitness

Chair One Fitness is a comprehensive chair exercise program designed for individuals who have complications standing during a fitness regimen. This includes senior citizens, people with balance deficits, injuries, disabilities, or suffering from obesity.


For more information or to find a workout or instructor, visit their website: 


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