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Car Care Trivia!

Sponsored by AAA Tidewater

Most people are either driving a car, or riding in a car almost every single day of their lives. But what does everyone *really* know about cars and how to take care of them?

car care

Ashley and Quincy were put to a car care test to see if their knowledge about automobiles is up to par. To make it interesting, they both launched toy cars out of a toy that propels the cars. Whoever’s car went the furthest without falling off the ledge, wins and doesn’t answer trivia.


Do YOU know what car alignment affects when it comes to your car?


Or can you figure out how much air should be in your tires?

How about this one: do different kinds of oil really make a difference?

car care

See the answers to all of these questions plus more trivia, in the full video!


AAA is best known for providing emergency roadside assistance nationwide.

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