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Can You Dig It?

Sponsored by Virginia 811

As the seasons change, a lot of homeowners either change their yards, or prepare them for the shift in temperatures. Holiday decorations sometimes even need to be anchored in your yard!


Before anyone upgrades the space in their yard, there is one thing you have to remember to do:

Contact our friends at Virginia 811!

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On this episode of Living 757, guest host Patrick quizzes Patricia and Quincy with a fun game of “Can You Dig It?”

Find out the answers to pressing questions such as:

“Which color line will cause a stinky mess if it’s cut?”


And “which color line did you hit if your kids start complaining that the internet is out?”

Watch the full video for all the laughs, and remember to always contact Virginia 811 before you do any kind of digging in your yard!

yard, virginia 811

For more information or to have someone from Virginia 811 come mark your yard:


virginia 811

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