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Bathroom Need an Update? Call West Shore Home

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The responsibilities of adulthood are endless. Sometimes things that we should be getting done around our houses, fall through the cracks! Especially the things we aren’t sure we can afford. 

Living 757

A lot of the time, certain spaces in our homes need updating- but we stall and put it off because we aren’t sure that they fit our budgetary needs. West Shore Home provides a great solution for this problem. 

Brian Keeler

Brian Keeler joins Living 757 in studio to help explain why they are the best choice when it comes to both the time and money it takes to upgrade your bathroom. 

West Shore Home

Quincy had West Shore Home come out and replace his shower, and the before and after pictures are unbelievable. 

West Shore Home

If anyone watching wants to know how to find out more, you just call West Shore Home. You can always expect to speak to a live agent! They then send out a consultant to look at your space and hear your ideas. 

West Shore Home

Watch the full video to find out more about how West Shore Home can help reinvent your space!

For more information on West Shore Home and the products and services they offer visit https://www.westshorehome.com/

To contact West Shore by phone: 757-349-1942




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