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Adopt Don’t Shop at the SPCA!

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Quincy is a new pet parent, and over the last month or so he has become very familiar with the Norfolk SPCA. For the last 130 years, the SPCA has been an active shelter for mistreated and abandoned pets- and also a great source for adoption education.


Tammy and Kara from the Norfolk SPCA joined Quincy along with two very special guests- doggies!!!


The furry friends that the ladies brought along are sisters who are six years old, and looking to be adopted together!


In addition to the SPCA providing shelter and being a wonderful place to adopt wonderful pets, they also offer other services:

  • Low-cost veterinary clinics
  • Low-cost spaying and neutering of pets


There are several ways for people to get involved. Volunteer your time, open your home to fostering puppies or kittens, donate supplies, or host a donation drive!


To find out more ways to get involved, and more about the residents of the Norfolk SPCA, please be sure to watch the video in full. And be sure to adopt, don’t shop!

To find out more about the Norfolk SPCA visit their website at www.norfolkspca.org


For all of your furry friend’s needs, please make sure to check out Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads!

We all love our pets and do our best to keep them safe.

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