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ABNB Helps You Save

Sponsored by ABNB Federal Credit Union

Friend of the show Cheryl Nelson helps us get prepared for all types of situations, and this time she is back with a friend. Together, they are helping us get prepared for all of the spending we will be doing this holiday season- and the tool to help fits in the palm of your hand!


Rachel Hartberger is the Director of Remote Member Services & Solutions for ABNB Federal Credit Union, and she has lots of helpful tips when it comes to that holiday spending we will all be doing here in the near future. 


  • Make a budget
  • Compile a list of everyone you’d like to get presents for
  • Check your ABNB Value+ app on your phone to make sure you’re getting the best deals!
  • Be proactive- the longer we wait, the more we tend to overspend


ABNB has rolled out some new checking accounts lately, and they really have something for everyone. Their Value+ account helps you to save 10 cents per gallon on gas, provides free cellphone protection, gives you access to roadside assistance, identity theft protection and more!


Watch the full video to find out more about how ABNB can help you save this holiday season, and beyond!


For more information, check out their website at ABNBfcu.org/EverydayValue

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