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A Vacation On Your Plate

Sponsored by Skrimp Shack


Patricia got to visit the Skrimp Shack location in Newport News, and she was so excited to try all of the food! It’s like she was on a mini vacation- but first, she got to speak to the owner.


Carmen Wood was working at the Commissary when a coworker came back with a meal from Skrimp Shack. She decided to go check it out herself, and she fell in love with it! She finally met the owner, and insisted that she also wanted to own a Skrimp Shack location.  This way, she could help lots of people eat like they’re on vacation. The rest is history!


The food is all super delicious, and it’s because it is all prepared fresh to order! You won’t find any heat lamps or warmers in the kitchen of Skrimp Shack. They cook everything as soon as a customer orders it!


They serve all kinds of fish, chicken, scallops, sandwiches, baskets, desserts, and of course- SKRIMP!


One thing that makes the Newport News location different is their “Fat Combo.” It comes with half a pound of fish, four shrimp, a crab cake, four scallops, four oysters, three hushpuppies AND your choice of any side! Sounds like a vacation on your plate if you ask me!


Too see Patricia try her hand in the kitchen and to find out more about Skrimp Shack- be sure to watch the full video!


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