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A Big “No No” on Big Game Sunday with Huffman & Huffman

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The “Big Game” brings out the most passionate football fans, amazing food and huge watch parties. But with all good things, also comes a down side. The day of the “Big Game” is also one of the biggest days of the year for DUI arrests and crashes due to being under the influence.

Big Game

Drinking & Driving Statistics on “Big Game” Sunday

Nick Woodhouse from Huffman & Huffman sat down with Patricia to talk more about this statistic, and how to protect yourself!

The numbers don’t lie: the percentage of drinking and driving related car accidents rises by twenty percent on the day of the “Big Game!”

Big Game

The Repercussions

Drinking and driving is a criminal offense, so anyone who is caught faces the possibility of jail time. Believe it or not, jail time is the least of your worries if you get into an accident after drinking.

What if you hurt someone? Or worse, what if you take someone’s life?

Drinking and driving

Your insurance rates go up, you have to pay for an attorney, and your record is tarnished.

How to Protect Yourself

To protect yourself, think ahead! Elect someone in your group as the designated driver, or use ride share apps like Uber or Lyft.

If you are on the road and notice someone who is driving erratically, make sure you call law enforcement to notify them of the driver in question.

Drinking and Driving

If an impaired driver hits your car, call the police.

Try not to move the vehicle before law enforcement arrives, if that is possible. Be sure to relay all that you may have witnessed to the officers, so they can conduct an adequate investigation.


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