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Sustainability in the Desert

“Sustainability in the Desert” is a program looking at the way we live a sustainable life here in Phoenix. With the help of SRP, we’ll take a look at the way we use water and power and how the City of Phoenix encourages its residents to recycle. We will examine the importance of getting our food from local sources and along the way we’ll educate viewers about ways to be more sustainable.

The City of Phoenix has a 2050 goal to provide a clean and reliable 100-year supply of water to its residents. See how they plan to do that.

SRP is the oldest multipurpose federal reclamation project in the United States. They have been serving central Arizona since 1903. Today the SRP power district is one of the nation’s largest public power utilities, providing electricity to 1 million customers. We’ll take a look at its rich history and fertile future in Arizona.

The City of Phoenix is on target to divert 40% of waste by 2020, check out how they’re taking aim at becoming a zero waste community.

Maricopa County is making sure food waste is kept to a minimum; let’s see how they are doing it. Visit http://goodfoodfinderaz.com/.

Farm to table is not just some trend. It is a great way to star healthy and save the environment. We hitched a ride with Stern Produce to see how it all works.

Here is a look at the Cox Conserves Hero of 2017 and how he is making a difference.