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Simply Southern New England invites you to TimeZone, where you can test your mental and physical skills in this unique gaming experience. With 25 portals, it’s the largest Time Machine in the world.

00:03 Katelyn VanPelt

TimeZone is an immersive gaming experience with 25 rooms called portals. You get a keypad to enter each room and you go in with a team of about two to four people the most ideal size is three. And you can go into each portal as many times as you’d like and each portal, test your hand eye coordination, intelligence, and speed.

Brain Power

00:25 Each sign will show you how much brainpower spraying intelligence and hand eye coordination you’ll need in each room. Team building and collaboration is definitely needed to complete TimeZone, you definitely have to work together to get all the check points and get as many points as you can for the room. So your team has to work together to try and get the maximum amount of points which is 100 points in each room. And if you get 100 points in each room, you can become a master of time.

Big Bang Theory Room

00: 52 My favorite room has to be probably the laser room or the Big Bang Theory room that one is awesome that one you have to try and put all the stars on the wall you can either pick the balls and throw the balls at the stars but the main idea of the game is to hit all the stars and having each of the all the lights around it sweating room, a lot of energy, but there are a lot of fun.

Alien Autopsy

1:14 The alien autopsy is very cool, that’s a memory game. So based on the screen, you have to press the right buttons or else you’ll lose the game.

Unique Design

1:24 We had a group of local artists come in and they designed and helped put together all of the rooms so all of it is built by people personally so all of their hard work, their visions, they put all of that together to make what TimeZone is. So each room has its own unique design and challenge that people came up with and they work together to complete. TimeZone finally opened back in February. So we’ve been open for a few months. It definitely took a while to build but we had all these guys come in and they did all the technology and they go every room themselves. So it’s definitely you know, a lot of work went into it and we’re really excited that it’s finally done.

Bring your sneakers wear your workout clothes when you come to visit because you definitely will have some sort of a workout. So you can book online,  you can do walk-ins  based on availability, but I definitely recommend doing a reservation online with your group to choose a time and day that you’d like to come and enjoy TimeZone.