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Let’s Celebrate!  It’s Our One Year Anniversary!

Time really does fly when you’re having fun!! And what fun we’ve had over our first year of Living 757.  Quincy, Ashley and Patricia take a look back at some of our “Best of” moments in this episode.

In our cold opens, we see everything from Quincy becoming a cockroach to Patricia on a door hailing for help as the Titanic sinks behind her.  And we’ll never forget a pregnant Ashley’s Lego “parent-training” course!

We’ve had a blast playing games with our guests.  We have learned that we just might have to keep an eye on Quincy during these games, and that when Patricia gets competitive, you may want to run for cover.

The holidays have been so much! We’ve learned that Ashely is the bravest of the crew when they explored haunted houses and scary farms.  We celebrated the magic of Christmas locally and even delighted in Busch Garden’s Christmas Town.

But it hasn’t all been just fun and games…. There’s been food!  We’re not talking just any food.  We’ve welcomed gourmet chefs and fabulous bakers on the show.  We’ve tasted mouthwatering meals and delicious dessert, from some of the best culinary artists in Hampton Roads.

We’ve also had some amazing guests be part of the show.  Wether we were listening to Samatha Howell sing, or catching up with our favorite NFL superstar, we’ve had a great time chatting with our favorite celebs.

And, there’s been Music…just…Wow!

So come and join us as we stroll down memory lane and see what a blast it has been to be part of the Living 757 family.  Have fun!

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