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Riverside Strong Examines Women’s Health

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Riverside Health System welcomes you to the first episode of Riverside Strong, a program which examines health issues from the perspectives of the patients and the medical professionals who care for them.

On this episode, we take a look at various issues that affect the health of women.

We often hear about breast cancer, but what about gynecological cancers?  Approximately 100,000 women are impacted by gynecological cancer in the United States every year.

While the diagnosis of gynecological cancer can be very scary, there are various treatments available that can help women get back on the path to recovery.  Julie Dehart shares the story of her diagnosis and treatment of endometrial cancer.

When we think of women’s health, we can’t help but think about pregnancy and babies.  While for some women, becoming pregnant is the most natural process, for others it can be a difficult and often devastating journey.

Courtney Dye struggled for years without being able to become pregnant, and even lost a child during the adoption process.  When she finally was able to become pregnant, the pregnancy was complicated.  But her story doesn’t stop there, when her baby was born very early, the NICU team at Riverside came to the rescue.

It is easy to categorize health issues by age. Thinking “Oh I’m to young to worry about that now.” is a very common mind set.  But diseases and health events can strike at any age, and often when you least expect them.

Meet Christina Saldivar, a young, healthy woman who at 26 had a stroke.  Fortunately, Riverside’s acute stroke treatment team were able to reach her in time to perform the surgery needed to save her from devastating consequences.

Whatever your health issues are, Riverside Health System is here for you.  So stay healthy and stay informed with Riverside strong.

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