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Your Pets Will Love a Day at Dogtopia

Sponsored By: Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads

This edition of Pet Corner is brought to you by Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads.

There are still a few days of summer left which means there is still time to get away!  But what do you do when you have a furry loved one at home?  It can be trick to travel with pets, as many hotels do not allow them.  But the thought of leaving them in a cooped up all day in a kennel is too heartbreaking to bear.

Luckily, there is a terrific option right around the corner in Town Center in Virginia Beach!

Morgan Desrosiers, the owner of Dogtopia of Town Center is welcomed on to the show to share why Dogtopia is the perfect solution for traveling pet owners.

 Their state of the art facility is over 4000 square feet and houses 3 spacious playrooms.

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It is due to a minimum 40 hours of training that the team members can recognize even the most subtle dog body language and can understand the temperaments of your furry friends.

Plenty of playtime is allowed and naps and bedtime are in home styled crates; or, you can upgrade their stay to a luxury suite! But even if you are not planning a trip, a day at Dogtopia with their doggy-daycare programs a fun day out for your pet.  No time to bathe your pup, no problem! Their spa treatments can leave you with the best groomed fur-baby in town.

So whether or not you are planning a trip, plan to take you pet to Dogtopia of Town Center; your four-legged baby will love you extra!

We all love our pets and do our best to keep them safe.  For information on Invisible Fences cutting-edge solutions to your furry friends’ needs, make sure to contact them at (757) 595-5657, or check out their website www.invisiblefence.com

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