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Take A Spooktacular Road Trip with Living 757

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Looking for a way to really get the spooky feels this Halloween? Then a haunted road trip is an absolute must! Hampton Roads is steeped in history dating all the way back to the early 1600s. So, of course with all of this history it is a given that there will be some haunted places in the 757. And, to help you get your goosebumps on, we’ve compiled a list of some fantastically ghoulish places to visit in the area that are just a quick boom ride away:

First on the list is the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach. This beautiful hotel also know as the Haunted Hotel on the Hill has a very “interesting” history. It’s grandeur attracted many guests, and some, apparently have not left. From time to time, it has been said that the piano will begin playing, a kindly bellman can be seen strolling the hallways, a soldier from WWII has been spotted wandering the building and even a cat can at times be heard meowing and scratching at something.

If you’re looking to spot spirits, pay special attention to the 6th floor. Prior to renovation, it was said that the receptionist would receive many calls late into the night from a room on this floor -even when the hotel was closed. Could these calls have come from Adoplh Coors (yes, the founder of the Coors Brewing Co)? His body was found on the property a week or so after he checked in… so perhaps he is still calling..for help…….

The Battleship Wisconsin in Norfolk is our next stop. The “Big Wisky” is famed for being the Navy’s largest ever operated battleship. Having served in WWII, Korea, and Desert Storm, her 14 years of service saw a tremendous amount of action. Now a museum, she is dedicated to sharing her history. And what a history it is. Though it has long been free of active duty Navy sailors, there is one seaman who appears to want to stay. This poor soul was killed in an electrical accident during the Korean War, and it seems he wants to make his presence known.

In an account from a quartermaster 2nd class who was serving on board during Operation Dessert Storm, he explains how in the dark of night “You couldn’t see your hand in front off your face it was so black”, he saw a white billowy sort of thing floating behind him. When he turned around it was in front of him seemingly trying to confront him, then behind him again until “I just took off running…” Was he being chased off the ship….?

Next, we are off to Portsmouth and the historic Gaffos House. This house was used as a makeshift hospital during an outbreak of yellow fever in the mid 1800s. At the time a widower sea captain’s young daughter became sick and was brought in and installed in the attic bedroom. The captain visited faithfully and prayed intensely for her recovery. Sadly she was taken by the fever. Beside himself, the captain began to spend longer times away at sea, but whenever he came back to Portsmouth, she would stand on the sidewalk outside the home and stare grievingly up at the attic window where he had last seen his dear daughter alive. When the house was purchased by the Gaffos family, which included a young daughter approximately the same age as the captain’s beloved daughter, things began to happen. Heavy boot steps could be heard going up the stairs all the way to the attic room where you could hear the door open and slam closed. At first this happened several nights in a row, but has since become much less frequent. It seems the captain still goes out to sea, but always returns to be with his daughter …

After the Gaffos House, we head to our final destination- Hampton Virginia and the Chamberlin Hotel. This, once historic hotel, has been converted into a senior living facility and has a beautiful location on the Chesapeake Bay. It’s past, however is not so lovely. It was built on the remains of the Hygeia Hotel which, active in the 1800s, was destroyed by a fire. Apparently, the hotel building was not all that was destroyed. In fact the top floor is closed, and rumor has it the closure is due to the many apparitions that feel roam there.

Children’s voices have been heard in the hallways, objects have been seen moving “on their own” and voices have been heard -and all this has been corroborated by many witnesses on many occasions. But the most commonly seen apparition is of a young girl who apparently stayed in the hotel while the fire was raging, to search for her father. Her father made it out…..

These ghoulish locations are really just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to haunted places in the 757. With so much creeptastik history, make sure to make Hampton Roads destination for your Halloween Road trip!

And make sure you make sure your car is in good hands with AAA, you wouldn’t want to be left stranded in any one of these spooky places!

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