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Steering Clear of Teen Driving Problems

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National Teen Driver Safety Week is in October- and it’s the perfect time to have a conversation with the teen drivers in your household about safe driving! According to the CDC, car accidents are the second leading cause of death among teenagers in the United States. David Ratz, an attorney at Huffman & Huffman, joins the Living 757 crew to walk us through teen driving “do’s and don’ts”. 

David tells us that first and foremost, teens inexperience on the road is their biggest risk factor! Teens are newly navigating the roads, and are just getting their feet wet dealing with other drivers as well. Teens also seem to feel more invincible than adults. They have a higher risk tolerance, which allows them to drive more inappropriately than older adults!

David lets us know some of the ways parents can keep their teens safe! Including:

  • Be a good role model when you are driving with your kids in the car
  • Talk to teens in the car about situations you encounter while driving
  • Practice makes perfect! Let your teen driver practice as much as you can once they get their learner’s permit
  • Set rules and boundaries for your kids 

Mr, Ratz says that it’s important to talk to you teen drivers about what to do (and what not to do!) if they have been in an accident. 

There are also resources that parents can turn to when trying to keep their kids safe. There are apps to track your kids so you can make sure they’re safe, there are safety features, TeenDriverSource.org, DriveSafeHR.org and more! 

If your teen is in an accident, make sure you call Huffman & Huffman and let their family, help your family!

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