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Riverside: A Champion for Mental Health

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Usually when someone shows up at Riverside Behavioral Health Center, they’re at rock bottom. It is of utmost importance that someone struggling with mental health issues, feels like they can trust the professionals caring for them. 

Mental Health

This is the one area where patients know they will be taken care of in a safe way during a mental health episode.

If someone is suffering from alcoholism or a mental breakdown, Riverside Behavioral Health Center is where they should be. They have peer support specialists who can help patients along on their recovery journey. Recovery helps break the cycle of addiction, which is integral to getting better. 

Mental Health

Addiction doesn’t discriminate- it effects people of every race and age. Riverside has programs for addiction education, relapse prevention, and healthy coping skills to name a few. Knowledge is power! Whether it’s an addiction or a different mental health struggle, Riverside has your back.

Mental Health

Every patient’s treatment plan is custom tailored to the level of care that they need when admitted. There is a wide array of individual and group support, as well as individual and group therapy available to patients at Riverside. 

Mental Health

Addiction causes chaos in a person’s life. Riverside Behavioral Health Center provides the tools to overcome addiction, and get rid of the chaos! 

If you or someone you love needs the help of Riverside Behavioral Health Center, call (757) 827-1001.

For more information: https://www.riversideonline.com/rbhc


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