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Regent University’s Athletics Shoot for the Stars

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Anyone who’s been following Living 757’s hosts, knows that Ashley loves sports! So it’s no surprise that she jumped at the opportunity to attend a college basketball game. She got to scope out a Regent University basketball game, to find out more about Regent’s blossoming athletics program. 


First Ashley spoke to Dr. Samual Botta. Dr. Botta is not only the Head Men’s Basketball Coach, he is also Regent’s Athletic Director! He explains that Regent is in it’s sixth year as an athletic program, and that they already have 11 sports for men and women! 

Women’s Soccer

Just this past fall, Regent’s women’s soccer team made regionals for the first time in history, and then they just barely missed the national tournament! 


As for the basketball program, it’s only in its’ fourth year- so the men who are now seniors, were the freshman from the very first year of the program! Coach Botta said what makes this group special, is that they all really love and care about each other. They set high goals, and coach says there isn’t another group of guys he would rather try to reach those goals with. 

Next we met Randolph “Tre” Holland, the Royals Guard. He tells us that the chemistry of the team is what makes it so special. “It’s more of a family than a team,” he said.


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To any prospective student looking at colleges, he says that if you’re looking for a school that feels like home, if you want a faith-based education and you want your degree to carry weight outside of the school- this is the place for you!

Track & Field

Last but certainly not least, Ashley got the chance to chat with Marelly Balentina, an Olympic hopeful in track and field. She says that what sets Regent apart is that they focus on character and academics, not just athletics. There’s also focus on both personal and spiritual growth, that doesn’t take place at most colleges. Regent focuses on the whole person, not just the athlete!

If you are a student and you are looking into colleges, be sure to look into becoming a Regent University Royal!

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