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New Year, New Laws

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It’s 2022, and with a new year comes new auto insurance laws in the state of Virginia! Both insurance and laws can sometimes be confusing, so the Living 757 crew enlisted the help of their friend Zach Hutchinson. Zach is a litigation attorney from Huffman and Huffman! 

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New Year, New Laws!

He explains that with the new year, some new laws went into effect. One of those laws changed the minimum amount of liability insurance required by law. The minimum used to be $25,000 and now it is $30,000. Eventually, the minimum will be even higher- at $50,000.

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More Than the Bare Minimum

Mr. Hutchinson says now is the perfect time to meet and exceed the new requirement. He also says that in his opinion, that $30,000 is not enough to cover you if you’re seriously injured in an accident. If you purchase higher than the bare minimum, you are protecting yourself and providing a safety net just in case the worst happens. 

Huffman & HuffmanZach says it’s the law to have coverage, but that unfortunately many Virginians opt for either the bare minimum or no insurance at all! So it really is in everyone’s best interest to purchase more than that bare minimum which is now $30,000. 

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Call Huffman & Huffman

If you find yourself in a position where you are injured in an accident but insurance coverage is lacking, there isn’t a whole lot that a personal injury attorney can do. It isn’t all bad news though! The attorneys at Huffman & Huffman work extra hard to explore all opportunities for their clients to receive maximum compensation. 

If you are injured in an accident, make sure that you call Huffman & Huffman and let their family, help your family.

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