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Motorcycle “Safety First” with Law Tigers and Harley Davidson

Sponsored By: Law Tigers

When you are injured in an accident, you want to be represented by someone who can understand your situation, especially if motorcycles are your passion.  So if you’re a rider, you should definitely know the Law Tigers. 

Law Tigers is a group of lawyers, who are all riders.  They are a source of support for motorcycle riders whether it be in good times or bad.  Injured in a motorcycle accident?  Then you definitely want to call Law Tigers.  Law Tigers are also very involved in the community and support motorcycle education, racing and fundraising.


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Because Law Tigers are riders themselves, they love sharing the joy of riding whenever possible. In fact, they decided to try to make rider out of Quincy, so they arranged for him to meet with the pros and learn all about the course offered by the Hampton Roads Motorcycle Safety Training School located at Bayside Harley Davidson.

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This 2 day course teaches everything from the basics, such as how to put the kickstand up, to how to turn and maneuver through the elements and past obstacles.  Once completed you will have everything a beginning rider needs to know.  While they do provide the motorcycles, you do need to bring your safety gear including your helmet, glasses, gloves, riding boots and proper apparel.  Be sure to “Dress for the Slide, not for the ride.”

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Motorcycles and gear are not all there is to see at Bayside Harley Davidson.  With Bike Nights, Cookouts, and Saturday night bands, Bayside Harley Davidson is definitely the place to be.

So check out the class, grab some friends and go for a good, long, safe ride.  And remember, should you ever need them, Law Tigers has your back.

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