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Let’s Get Floofy!

Sponsored by The Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads

Keegan O’Neil has the coolest job ever! She is the owner of Floofy Studios, a photo studio with a very niche clientele: dogs! 


Floofy Studios focuses on a stress-free, off leash photoshoot session that captures your pets true self, and the results are amazing!


Keegan came up with the idea when she saw a post on Instagram and thought the concept of a dog photographer was awesome! She started small and experimented with her own dogs, then she held an event to build her portfolio!

puppy photo

Currently Keegan and her husband live our of their motorhome, and travel around Canada taking puppy photos full time! (Dream life, right?!)


Keegan says that just like people, dogs can be camera shy too! But they treat each photo session as a training session- and they have all the tools to bring your dog out of their shell! Her (not so) secret weapons? Treats and peanut butter!


Watch the full segment to hear about whether or not Floofy Studios has encountered any crazy pet parents while shooting! 

puppy pictures

For more information on Floofy Studios: https://www.floofystudios.com/


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We all love our pets and do our best to keep them safe.  

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