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Know What’s Below with Virginia 811

Sponsored By: Virginia 811

Ashley visits with Nikki Turpin from Virginia 811 to learn a bit more about why a phone call to VA811 is so important before beginning any digging in your yard.

No matter how long you have had your property, there is always the question of what lies below the surface.  This is why that phone call to VA 811 is so important. 

You don’t want to start creating your garden only to have a “shocking” surprise, or end up living in the wetlands.  With a quick phone call, or a few minutes on their website, you can schedule a visit from one of their experts who will show you where the public utility lines are located.  Then, dig to your hearts content, knowing that you are safe, and will not cause the neighborhood to be without internet or cable for a week.


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If it’s a larger project and you are not doing the digging, no worries.   In the state of Virginia, contractors are required to reach out to VA811 to get a ticket for safe digging.

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Once you contact, VA811, you will need only to wait 3 working days before you start digging.  Within those days, someone from VA811 will come out and mark the utility lines showing you where it is safe to dig.  And the best part  (other than not getting electrocuted!) is that this service is completely free of charge!

So make sure you “know what’s below” and contact VA811 before you dig.  Happy gardening!

For More information: va811.com

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